• Katherine

What's growing in the greenhouse..?

The best thing about a rainy day is visiting the shelter of your greenhouse and thinking ahead to next year's flowers!

Event planners and florists read on to see what is already growing undercover in readiness for season 2020...

Matthiola Incana 'Cinderella Appleblossom - pretty pink, double flowers with a spicy clove scent.

Matthiola Incana 'Cinderella Champagne' - palest pink, double flowers.

Matthiola Incana 'Lady Mix' - variety of colours.

Erysimum allioni 'Siberian Wallflower' - deep orange flowers.

Erysimum cheerio 'Blood Red' - deep crimson flowers with a delicate fragrance.

Salvia Sclarea var. turkestanica 'Clary Sage'pale blue blossom and large pinkish white bracts. Loved by bees and butterflies alike!

Salvia sclera var. turkestenica 'Vatican White' - brilliant white bracts and lilac-white blossom.

Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Tall Double Red' - glorious red petals surrounding a dark, domed central pincushion.

Ammi visage 'Green Mist' - Larger, darker green and more mounded umbels than Ammi Major, hardier blooms and stronger stems.

Daucus carota 'Purple Kisses' - a chocolate coloured Queen Anne's Lace. Flowers range from old rose-pink through to Burgundy. Spectacular in bouquets!

Ammi majus 'Queen Anne's Lace' - large round blooms made of clusters of tiny white flowers. Beautiful in mixed bouquets.

Chrysanthemum x superb 'Crazy Daisy' - white with a yellow centre and quill like petals that give a fluffy appearance.

Liatris spica's 'Floristran White' -

Veronica longifolia 'Alba'

Bupleurum rotundifolium Griffithii- yellow green flowers, add an unusual touch to mixed bouquets.

Centaurea cyanus 'Classic Fantastic' - blue shades.

All the seeds were purchased from the wonderful

Photos above are courtesy of seedaholic's detailed seed information leaflets. Thank you!