About my cutting garden...

I'm Katherine and this is my garden for cutting

My cutting garden, Fieldgardenflowers,  has been designed to provide locally grown, seasonal flowers for any event and to provide an alternative to flown-in flowers. 

I am a supporter of the  wonderful initiative led by 'Flowers From the Farm' to publicise the benefits of buying locally grown, seasonal flowers which "have the natural, unique, informal beauty that can only come from small-scale, local production".

I grow flowers that I love, and importantly flowers that are suited to my Pennine garden.

Wherever possible I try to garden with nature in mind and avoid the use of chemicals. My compost heaps feed my soil and I use a no-dig method for my annual flower beds, feeding the soil with home made nettle soup, compost and comfrey tea during the year. Frogs, birds, ladybirds, worms and bees are my flower's companions. 

My flowers are treated with the upmost care and cut at the coolest part of the day, at their peak, to maintain a just picked freshness.

A primary school teacher by profession, Field Garden Flowers was inspired by a life-long passion of gardening and floral design and the dream of one day developing a separate garden purely for cut flowers.  

My dedicated cutting garden has also transformed a neglected small piece of Pennine field into a plant, nature and human haven! 

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